Kids International Dental Services 2015 annual visit

27 February 2015

For the fourth consecutive year Sreyka Smile Association has renewed its inter-NGO partnership with KIDS (International Dental services for children). We greatly appreciate working with them! Thank you for their extraordinary dedication to the dental hygiene of children and their incredible energy. This year, thanks to them 820 children received dental treatments. This is a huge success for Sreyka Smile because it is about 200 more children than last year.


All these Sreyka Smile children were taken to KIDS-international dental services today in a temporary clinic set up by Sreyka Smile for the day in a local primary school. All the hard work & pressuring them to brush their teeth paid off  for the 2nd year in a row none of these needed extractions, or any serious dental work. We are super proud of all of them!




These two Sreyka Smile children needed tooth extractions, yet KIDS’ amazing team managed to keep the children smiling playing games prior & after their operations. The children were all super brave. No tears were shed.