Donate a Solar energy fan: a simple, effective and eco-friendly project.

23 September 2015

For a simple, effective, accountable and eco-friendly project

Electricity is a luxury product in Cambodia. Orphanages and care centers are lacking financial resources. Therefore, it is crucial; they have to qualify for sufficiency fans for each child to be comfortable at night. Besides a better sleep fans bring when temperatures exceed 30 °C , they can drastically reduce the presence of mosquitoes and thus the spread of malaria or malaria …

It is therefore essential to protect the children of the mosquitoes, wile reducing the expensive energies costs. Why not use an inexhaustible and free energy to allow the operation of these fans?
A little ingenuity, imagination, electronica knowledge, and this is the solar fan developed by Sreyka Smile collaborators… The Association’s carpentry teacher will assemble the various parts (battery, fan and panel solar):



How we combine sustainable economy, generosity and health?

It’s very simple, by participating in the financing of these famous solar fans!

Each complete installation represents a budget of approximately $ 80 (battery, $ 13, solar panel ($35) and fan ($ 32). TO start, we want install 10 ventilators in an orphanage center along the riverbank, there mosquitos are very present. Subsequently, we would like to extend this project to other partnering centers in need.

Indeed, Sreyka Smile Association has always had it at heart to meet real local needs and formulated by and for children. The purchase and installation of the solar fans will be ensured by Sreyka Smile Association’s team.

You can also go to the page to make a donation of our website.

Thank you for your participation and generosity. Please, remember to specify on the communication of your wire transfer,  paypal payment or on back of your check that your donation is for the “acquisition of solar fan”.