Barbara’s 20km “Run for Sareth”

27 September 2015

“Run for Sareth”


On October 11th, Barbara, Sreyka Smile’s treasure, is running 20 km in Paris to raise money for our handicapped child physiotherapy sessions.

Sareth is an 11 years old Cambodian girl. Five years ago, she has been placed in an orphanage Sreyka Smile supports.
To help Sareth gain independence, since january 2013, our non-profit organization has been sending Jeppe a Danish Physiotherapist to the center, he works with her three times weekly.

Over these past two and half years, Sareth’s progresses have been amazing! She has gain in strength, mobility and balance. Prior to these physiotherapy sessions, she was only able to move around crawling. Now can walk, she gets from seated to standing position all by herself, and we have even surprise her dancing and running around the table to play.


Please encourage Barbara 20km “Run for Sareth” with a donation via this Alvarum link or by clicking on the button here below :