Sousdey Chhnam Thmey ! Happy New Year!

2 January 2016

Sreyka Smile ended 2015 beautifully with a large number of fun Christmas parties and even a night out to view traditional Khmer dance performances as a Christmas Gift. (See photos attached)

One of the missions of Sreyka Smile is to encourage the children to learn more about the roots of their traditions, which were destroyed and punishable by death under the Khmer Rouge regime which ended in 1979. Sreyka Smile’s New Year’s resolution is to bring more children to experience the Cambodian Living Arts (CLA) show in the coming months. The show is now performed at the National Museum, and we hope to bring 5 more shelters (approximately 180 children) before it ends in March. If you contribute to this project, note it is only $3 for a Cambodian child under 12 to attend and $4 for an adult. Tuktuks (b/w $15-35 for 8 children) are also arranged to bring the children to the shelter and back.

In February for the 5th year in a row, we will renew our mission with KIDS (Kids International Dental Services) when hundreds of children from our centers and surrounding communities will benefit from free dental care. In Autumn, Sreyka Smile is counting on you to help us collect the funds to renew the children’s public school uniforms (only €7 per uniform). This not only helps our students be proud to go to school with the proper clothes, but gives them hope that someone cares about them and their studies.

On January 6th, one of our students gave us pride as he successfully passed his entry exam to Medical School. He managed to be selected among 300 students out of 4000 who attempted this challenging exam. We are very proud of this determined 19-year-old, how has had both the discipline and determination to follow his dream. There are still many years of medical university challenges ahead before we can call the boy Doctor Chev.

In 2016, Sreyka Smile will reinforce it’s commitment to encourage young women to pursue their studies. Today we sponsor three university students, all of whom are boys (two studying civil engineering and our medical student). It is still a real struggle for females to access to higher education; we notice a pattern of smart adolescent girls being asked by their families to quit school and earn a living for their families. We hope that 2016 will mark the end of this cycle for at least some of them.

In Spring 2016, Sreyka Smile will reach a new milestone with the opening of our Sreyka Smile Daycare Center. The Daycare center is part of a community center jointly managed by the Dutch NGO – COLT – Cambodian Organization for Living and Temporary-care, Chibodia a German operated medical NGO in Cambodia, and Sreyka Smile Association members. The community center, located near the capital’s open-sky dumpsite, will also work together on health, child education, sports, training, and family planning with those working on the dumpsite to avoid child-abandonments. (see photo of the construction attached)

Sreyka Smile and its members want to thank all of our donors for believing in our projects and encouraging those ahead.

HappyMerryChristmas Co-founder & president of Sreyka Smile with the winners of the Khmer Christmas Games ! Khmer Christmas fun Khmer Christmas fun Khmer Christmas Games : Rice sac race taking the children to a performance of Cambodian Living Arts for Christmas Finaly Cambodian Living Arts (CLA) Pailin Peacock dance Priceless smiles as the kids discover the richness of their heritage a night out to see the Cambodian Living Arts (CLA) performance Khmer Christmas games :Eat the Watermelon contest (no hands allowed) delicious Khmer Christmas urry