One of our students successfully passed his entry exam to Medical School.

13 January 2016

étudiant en médécine Sreyka SmileLast June, prior to passing their national exam, Sreyka Smile asked some grade 12 students, looking for a university sponsorship to prepare a study budget and write a short essay on why they decided to pursue a university diploma and what impact this would have on their life.

On January 6th, one of our students gave us the pride, as he successfully passed his entry exam to Medical School. He managed to be selected among 300 students of the 4000 Cambodians who passed this challenging exam. We are honored by this determined 19-year-old, how has had both the discipline to never let go of his dream.

This what he wrote, a few months back:

 « To become a doctor is really hard, long studies years at University, and it is an expensive study too.  There are several reasons why I want to study for such a position:

I’VE ALWAYS WANTED TO BE A DOCTOR. I love the satisfaction of helping people and I think a medical career will give me the skills to help those most in need. I love this skill since I was a kid. I am fascinated about the human body, how it works, why it doesn’t work, how it is made.

I WANT TO HELP PEOPLE.  Cambodia is a poor country. The largest majority of Khmer people are poor, due to a shortage of education; so they don’t really understand what the importance of what health is, and don’t take care much about hygiene. They become sick very easy. And the doctor will take a patient in charge for money. The sick in my country buy a cheap medicine and rarely get an effective to cure. A good doctor, is too expensive for them, and sadly in my country, many could care or less for the poor. Here, when in poverty, people work, even when they are sick. My target is to help these people, and not charge money. I also want to advise them methods to be clean, have a proper diet, and about the importance of health. Because as a doctor, I will be at the front to protecting and improving peoples’ quality of life.

I WANT TO HELP MY NATION. Health is the most important, if we are sick, we could not work, study, or do something else. So I want to help my country by taking care about the people. And I want to improve the health system in Cambodia more effectively. The middle and high class go oversea to cure their illness, but the poor, often in pain, wait to die. My idea of being able to use my medical knowledge is to save lives.

MY FAMILY/ NEIGHBOURS ALWAYS GET SICK THIS MADE ME WANT TO BECOME A DOCTOR. I want to study a medicine not to feel prestige by them. In contrast, I consume my abilities to help, because they are poor, sympathetic, and illiteracy. (when I was a young kid I was very sick, so my parents decided to place me in the Orphanage in Phnom Penh. There, I could receive health service faster than in the province. I grew up wanting to be a doctor. I never forget the past, where I am from; and I am now poor, but in the future I want be happy and help the people and community I was in. I left my hometown long time ago, I love and miss them, so I will try all best to aid them, I want to succeed, and stain humble. “

Sreyka Smile wants to thank Pascale Baumann, doctor and member of the Sreyka Smile Association for having continuously encouraged this boy in successfully pursuing his studies and convictions.

It’s Sreyka Smile’s pride to witness our kids grow up wanting to make a difference.