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Sreyka Smile Association came to life because of three volunteers, and with the generous support and good will of others will continue to survive, grow, and bloom.

Sreyka Smile Association is a French non-profit organization of law 1901, it is recognized as ‘general interest’ in the humanitarian domain. Most European individuals and businesses will benefit from tax deductions when they make a donation to our organization. 

The association’s endeavors require financial and human resources. You can support us financially through the donation form. It offers the flexibility to make regular donations, based on time or action-oriented toward the areas of your strongest interest.  If you do not have the means to make a donation today, you can make a donation promise which only engages your conscience. If you want help with your skills, time, or physical contributions, you can send us an email at

On a practical level, there are two steps to a donation.

1 ♦ Fill in the donation form (you can either complete it online or print it and return it to us).

2 ♦ Payment (3 methods):

                  • Bank transfer (international bank account number + bank code)

IBAN: FR76 3000 3032 9200 0372 7724 783 ♦ BIC : SOGEFRPP

                  • Or you can send us a check to “Sreyka Smile Association, 13 rue de l’Yvette, 75016 Paris,  France
                  • Via Paypal

◊ for a single donation click on the Paypal donate button below and follow the Paypal instruction

If you wish to pay in another currency the €uros, you can go dirrectly on the & make you donation to our treasurer’s email adresse

◊ for a regular donation please make your selection bellow and clic on the “subscribe” button and follow the paypal instruction.

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